The Power of Insight

Applied Market Data is a consulting firm focused on providing accurate, timely, and comprehensive analysis, assessments, and forecasts market sector participants. We provide our expertise, technologies and strategies for mobile and fixed asset management. knowledge and insight to our clients and subscribers through concise market appraisals, company analysis, technology assessments and market reports. Our publications are designed, researched and written to provide timely and insightful information and data on focused market segments, with the aim of providing market participants with the essential knowledge necessary to refine and execute their business plans and achieve their financial targets.


The Value of Timely, Accurate and Organized Market Information

Each day countless management decisions are made based upon a combination of acquired knowledge, experience, intuition and factual information. Because it is constantly changing, it is the information/data element that is the key variable in the quality of business decisions. computing_steps190The value of market research lies in its ability to assemble, collate, analyze and present changing information in a way that is at once relevant, understandable and contextual so that end users can maximize its utility in management decision support. At AMD our mission is to provide a view, or vision, of the evolving complexities of a defined business component, segment, sector, market and/or industry, and a clear and concise analysis of what probably lies ahead in terms of the influence of factors that may not be readily evident in the course of daily management activity.