Adhesive Markets for Wearable Healthcare Devices

adhesive markets for wearable healthcare devices


Published May 2017  ·  Report No. AHD294F · Price US $2,850


The ability to monitor movement, position, processes, physical parameters, analytes, and orientation using low-cost electronics in a small package that self-attaches to the data source is opening up channels to information that were not previously attainable. Stakeholders – researchers, caregivers, individuals, consignees – are re-thinking fitness routines, therapeutic protocols, investigational project strategies, and business models to account for the coming availability of data that presents new opportunities for progress, improved outcomes, enlightenment, fulfillment, logistical optimization and enhanced understanding. It’s disruptive technology that will challenge the way doctors relate to patients, drugs are developed and bodies are molded. For suppliers of medical device adhesives, these developments represent significant business opportunities. Adhesive Markets for Wearable Healthcare Devices includes comprehensive analysis of the current market and provides forecasts and assessments of future activity.


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What You Will Learn

• What is driving growth and product adoption for wearable healthcare devices? What are the leading applications? Who are the market leaders?
• What are the design and operational characteristics of commercialized wearable healthcare devices?
• What are the medical device adhesive performance factors that influence design wins in this dynamic product category ?
• What does the market look like today? What will the market look like in 2022?
• Who are the market sector participants, and what are their product activities, business strategies, and corporate alliances and affiliations?
• What is the importance of technology alliances and supply chain partnerships on successful wearable healthcare product commercialization?

Adhesive Markets for Wearable Healthcare Devices – Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Wearable Healthcare Device Market Dynamics
Device Evolution and Patient Care
Technology Adoption
Market Drivers
User Friendly Device Designs
Patient Population Acceptance
Factors Affecting Growth

Wearable Healthcare Device Design Factors
Ease of Use/Safety
User Comfort
Device Application
Adhesive Performance Factors

Markets for Wearable Healthcare Devices
Ambulatory/Home Health

Adhesive-enabled Wearable Device Product Analysis
Drug Delivery
Small Form Factor Patch Pumps
Subcutaneous Infusion Devices
Insulin Pumps
Drug Infusion (>2 mL)
Patient Monitors
Ambulatory/Home Healthcare
Cardiovascular/Vital Signs
Metabolic Conditions

Market Factors

Company Profiles