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The market for glycemic control continues to grow globally at rates that are alarming to public health officials. Over the past decade, prevalence of diabetes among adults has increased by 33 percent. In the United States, approximately 6 percent of the population (i.e., 16 million people) has diabetes and it is the fourth-leading cause of death by disease. Among Americans in their thirties, diabetes has increased by 70 percent in the past 10 years. Each year, approximately 800,000 people in the US -and three times this number worldwide – are diagnosed with diabetes. However, one-third of the people afflicted are currently undiagnosed. As glycemic control drugs reach the end of their patent life, activity in the generic glycemic control segment will intensify.



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Generic Glycemic Control Drugs – Content Highlights

  • Provides detailed analysis of generic glycemic control drugs indicated for the treatment of high blood glucose
  • Presents the competitive picture for generic glycemic control drugs
  • Evaluates the importance of ANDA filing strategies and indirect ANDA acquisition on participant growth prospects
  • Analyzes the impact of patents, exclusivity and litigation on participant market sector prospects
  • Assesses the market presence and product position of the top generic glycemic control drug suppliers

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