Integrated Terminal Management

Integrated Terminal Management


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Integrated terminal management continues to evolve as companies attempt to improve security while enhancing operational KPIs. Because of competitive concerns and the rising demands of their commercial customers, fleet owners and managers are proving to be demanding prospects for information technology in general and operational management systems in particular.  For many fleets, yard management continues to be a challenge to improving overall efficiency and bottom-line profitability. Miniaturization and decreasing hardware price points are expanding the addressable market. But information system and component suppliers are finding that to successfully penetrate this segment, product and service offerings must be tailorable and scalable to satisfy the existing operating procedures and work flow of each fleet, and in some cases each terminal.


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Integrated Terminal Management – What You Will Learn

• What is the current market for wireless asset tracking and information systems designed for terminal and yard rolling asset management?
• What are the key market segments, market dynamics and market factors?
• What are the wireless yard management system demand drivers?
• What are the key system design factors, feature sets, technologies and market development  issues?
• What does the market look like now? What will it look like in 2021?
• What is the importance of product tailorability and scalability on commercialization and      market access?
• What is the impact of economic, technology, and regulatory factors?

Integrated Terminal Management – Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Commercial Freight Market Dynamics

Wireless Technology & Commercial Fleets
The Business Case for Wireless Yard Management
Evolving Technology
Market Drivers
Factors Affecting Growth

Commercial Fleet Segment Analysis

Long Haul
Private Fleets

Terminal Management Technology Factors

Yard Management Software
Wireless Networks
Wireless Access Points
Wireless Technology Selection Issues
Interface/Data Entry Points
Handheld/Mobile Displays
Terminal/Monitor Location/Architecture
Cloud-based Systems

Terminal Management Feature/Capability Assessment

Inbound Control
Outbound Control
Real-Time Location
Traffic Flow
Vehicle/Trailer Inventory
Vehicle Trailer Status
Cross Dock
Yard Switchers

Market Factors

Contract Vehicles/Drivers

Company Profiles

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